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A Guide to Online Appointments at the Library

Saving a document to One Drive

To save a document to One Drive:

  • Choose File > Save As > One Drive - University of Guelph, then name your document and click "Save".

This will allow for collaboration on your document and allow you to share it with other members of The University of Guelph community.                                    Screen cap of a file being saved to One Drive in Microsoft Word                                                                 

Sharing an editable document in Microsoft Teams

Within the appointment you may need to share a document that you and the consultant will work on simultaneously. To do this you will need to share a document from OneDrive. To share a One Drive document:

  1. Click on the chat icon at the top of your Teams call. 
  2. At the bottom of this panel, click on the "Attach Files Icon".


                                                                     Screen cap in a Microsoft Teams meeting showing where to attach a file

  1. Select the "One Drive" option. Selecting the "Upload from Computer option will allow you to share a document, but will not allow simultaneous editing between you and the consultant.

                                                       Screen cap showing the One Drive upload option


  1. Select the appropriate file and click "Share". This will add the file to a message to be sent.

                                    Screen cap showing a list of documents and the share button

  1. Click on the file within the message to change the link settings.

                                                           Screen cap of a document attached to a message in Microsoft Teams chat

  1. Ensure that the option "People currently in this chat" is selected and the "Allow Editing" checkbox is ticked. 
  2. Select "Apply", then send the document in the chat.

                                                                                  Screen cap showing the different link settings and the allow editing option

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