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Find Industry Information

What is industry information?

  • Information about industry issues, trends, performance and history.
  • Might include: Classification codes, financials and ratios, industry statistics, industry trade and journal articles and industry associations.

How do I find industry information?

  • Some resources might be more broad (Retail, Consumer Electronics) while others might focus on segments (Cellular phones).
  • Search Association websites. Look for links such as: Research, resources, or publications.
  • Find the NAICS code used for the industry you are researching.
  • Many databases allow you to search by industry code.
  • Industry Information can also be found in newspapers and business and trade journals.

Why do I need industry information?

  • Gain an understanding of how an industry is structured and who the competitors are.
  • To analyze an industry’s activities and impact on society more broadly. 

Find Industry Information

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