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Find Data & Statistics

What are data & statistics?

  • Data is the raw information that can be collected from a number of sources including surveys and research experiments.
  • Data is often analyzed to create statistics with the help of statistical computing packages such as SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, etc..
  • Statistics provide an interpretation and summary of the data; they are the result of data analysis.

How do I find data & statistics?

  • Consult your local library to see if they have a data collection.
  • Think about what kind of organization collects the data you are looking for.    
  • Search the organization’s website, using a phrase like “data download” in your search-string.
  • Search a data portal (i.e. database). Portals strive to be one-stop-shops for specialized data sets.
  • Use Google to search for datasets by typing appropriate keywords along with ‘data’, ‘statistics’ or another word that describes your desired data format (.spss).
  • Follow citations referenced in journal article, reports and newspaper articles.

Why do I need data & statistics?

Data and statistics are useful because they:

  • Provide authoritative and accurate information on a variety of subjects.
  • Provide support for an argument or hypothesis in research.
  • Can help discover and develop new hypothesis and paths of interest.
  • Can aid in discovering and analysing trends.

Find data & statistics

Find research data resources

Data generated by original research and experiments increases scientific validity, encourages reuse, and provides additional context to conclusions and hypotheses. The University encourages researchers to deposit their data in the following repositories:

Statistics resources: topical





Public opinion


Resources to help with research

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