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Find Market Research

What is market research?

  • As an essential element of business strategy, market research is the organization of information on consumers (i.e. target market) and their impact on consumerism.
  • Although the terminology is often conflated, there is a distinction between:
    • Marketing research, which is about marketing processes.
    • Market research, which is about markets and competition.
  • Market research is useful because it:
    • Allows for understanding of market conditions for an industry or product.
    • Provided support for decisions such as advertisement location and format, packaging, pricing and more.
    • Determines performance in areas such as brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

How do I find market research?

  • First determine what type of information you are searching for.
  • Ask yourself:
    • Do I need to know about the broad market for a product or for an industry?
    • Would I like to know about the competitors and alternative products?
    • Are the general business conditions likely to play a factor?
    • Do I need to know anything about the demographics and preferences of consumers?
  • Use key library databases and web-based sources to understand the factors that impact your company:
    • Find market or industry reports to get context about your company’s business context.
    • Find country reports to better understand the operating environment and legal regulations for your company.
    • Use consumer data from market intelligence and government data sources to determine the key characteristics of your target markets.
    • Search the news for information about products, customers and competitors.

What keywords should I use?

  • "Audience profile"
  • Audiences
  • "Behavioral decision theory"
  • Buying
  • Clients
  • "Consumer attitudes"
  • "Consumer behavior"
  • "Consumer spending"
  • Consumers
  • Customers
  • Demographics
  • "Market segmentation"
  • "Market segments"
  • "Product choice"
  • "Social conditions & trends"
  • "Target marketing"
  • "Target markets"
  • "User spending"

Find market research

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