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Find SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Information

What is SWOT information?

  • SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • SWOT information is an analysis of a business or project to determine all factors and variables affecting its success or failure.
  • SWOT information highlights both internal and external factors to an objective or goal:
    • Internal factors: strengths and weaknesses
    • External factors: opportunities and threats
  • A SWOT analysis can be applied to a company, a product, a place, and industry or a person.

How do I find SWOT information?

  • Some databases offer published SWOT analyses for published companies. These can be useful sources but should always be evaluated. They can be incomplete, outdated or even wrong.
  • Strengths: Gather information about the company or organization. Company profiles and financial information can be helpful.
  • Weaknesses: Understand the company or organization in context through an analysis of their performance and practices.
  • Opportunities: Begin with industry information and identify trends.
  • Threats: Look at the competition and environment. Are there economic conditions, political issues or regulations that affect operation?

Find SWOT Information

Resources to Help with Research

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