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Creating an Academic Poster [update]

References and Acknowledgements

  • Include a References and Acknowledgements section. 
  • References must be included but can usually be shortened. Use short forms like J. Physiol, Fritz et al (2018), and omit article titles.
  • Your references section can also be written in a smaller font than the rest of your poster.
  • In-text citations may follow either the required referencing style (for example, Fritz et al., 2018), or the Citation-Name style, in which in-text citations are numbered as superscripts or in brackets.
    • Regardless of which in-text citation style you choose, list references alphabetically by author in the References section.
  • If you have doubts about which referencing style to use, consult your instructor or advisor.
  • Acknowledge the funding agencies supporting your research and review your funding requirements for any specific content that must be included in your poster.

Resources to Help with Citing Sources and Acknowledgements

Guide: Cite Your SourcesWrite Clearly: Using Evidence EffectivelyGuide: Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

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