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Creating an Academic Poster [update]

Writing the content of your poster

  • Explain your research as concisely as possible: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?
  • Write in an active voice and provide context and give concrete everyday examples.
  • Order your text logically so it flows naturally. Introduce ideas as required and don't present new ideas late in the text.
  • Use short, clear sentences (25 words or less) and avoid complex grammatical structures.
  • Minimize the use of jargon, scientific or technical terms, and acronyms; if unavoidable, provide explanations.
  • If your audience is the general public, ask a friend unfamiliar with your field to read over your text for clarity.
  • Get feedback on your draft from colleagues, supervisors and at least one non-expert to your field.
  • Refer to the below resources to help with writing the content of your poster for more information.

Copied with permission from Thompson Rivers University’s Creating an Academic Poster: Tips and Tricks.

Resources to Help With Writing the Content of Your Poster

Guide: Write Lab Reports or Research ReportsGuide: Write clearly: GrammarGuide: Write Clearly: Style

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