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Edit Video: WeVideo

What is WeVideo and what can I use it for?

WeVideo is an online video editing platform used to create digital stories. It provides access to stock images, video and audio. You can also upload your own footage, images and audio to include in your video.

Use WeVideo to create digital stories

  • As a reflective practice
  • To present information about a place, an event, or process
  • To teach a concept or idea

How do I get started?

The library has an educational subscription to WeVideo. Students, faculty and staff can connect with the media studio to get access. Please email 

Alternatively, you can try WeVideo in a free trial, but it has limited functionality and you will not get access to the library of stock media.

NOTE: WeVideo does not work well with Safari. It is best to use Chrome or Firefox.

Steps for creating a WeVideo

  1. Review your assignment.
    • How long is your video supposed to be? Typically an engaging video should be between 1 - 5 minutes.
  2. Brainstorm
    • What is the goal of your video?
  3. Create a script and storyboard.
    • How will you open?
    • How will you close?
    • What visuals will you use?
  4. Create and gather images, video and sound
    • Create your own video footage or images, or find appropriate archival material
  5. Gather your equipment
    • How will you record audio?
      • Best: USB microphone
      • Better: Portable digital recorder
      • Good: Mobile phone or tablet
    • You will get access to WeVideo Classroom to create a video
      • Once you have an account, explore WeVideo to find stock media for inspiration
  6. Record an audio file in Audacity
    • Practice your script
    • Don't be afraid to re-record sections
  7. Post production
    • Remove background noise
    • Ensure vocal volumes are even
    • Collage together segments, music and sound effects
  8. Export as MP3
  9. Import audio into WeVideo
  10. Find stock media to merge with your own footage and images
  11. Review video to assure that content and audio flow
  12. Export the MP4 or upload video to YouTube or another sharing tool

Resource to help with creating a video

Link to Guide: Make an Animated VideoLink to Guide: Record Audio with AudacityLink to Guide: Find audio and images for remixing

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