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Read eBooks: EBSCOhost Ebooks

How do I print from ebooks on EBSCOhost?

Please note that you cannot print an entire ebook, as per copyright restrictions. There are a maximum number of pages that you can print from each ebook.

  • From the online ebook viewer, select "Save Pages" in the control bar above the ebook. 
  • Select page range you wish to include in the PDF
    • The Page Limit will be noted here. 
  • Click "Save to PDF" 
  • Open the downloaded file and print from Adobe Reader. 

How do I copy and cut text from an ebook?

  • The publisher has usually removed the function to copy text to protect copyright. Try making notes instead. 

How do I make notes in an ebook?

  • For PDF ebooks
    • Open PDF Full Text ebook. 
    • Select "My Notes" (top left)
    • Select "New Note". The note will be attached to the page you are currently viewing. 
    • You must sign in or create a EBSCOhost Account in order to save your notes in your EBSCOhost account Folder. 
  • For EPUB ebooks 
    • "Save Pages" or "Email Pages" to your device to create a PDF of​ the desired pages. 
      • Note that there will be restrictions on how many pages you may download. 
    • Open PDF in Adobe Reader. 
    • Highlight the selected text and right click. Select "Add Note to Text" 
      • Note that you will have to Check the Protection >Security Properties in Adobe Reader to see if you are allowed to add comments. Every publisher adds varying restrictions to PDFs. 

How many copies of an ebook are there?

  • The number of copies differs from each ebook.
  • The number of copies is referred to as "Concurrent User Level".
  • This information can be found on the "Detailed Record" tab. This is the page you will be taken to when you select a title from the search results.

How do I place a hold on an ebook?

  • A hold can be placed on an ebook if all copies are in use.
  • You will have to create or log into your My EBSCOhost account.
  • An email notification will be sent to your email on file when one of the copies becomes available.

Why do I receive an error message when trying to download an ebook?

  • If you receive the message "Sorry this ebook is in use", it means that all of the available copies are currently in use and downloaded by other users. You will have to check back in later to see if the book has become available.
  • Remember to ensure that your Adobe Digital Editions is Authorized. You must authorize your computer with your Adobe ID before you can download ebooks from the library. Check out our guide on Adobe Digital Editions to learn how to authorize your computer with an Adobe ID.

How do I return a downloaded ebook?

  • Return from Adobe Digital Editions, right-click an ebook. Select "Return Borrowed Item".
  • Ebooks cannot be returned from the EBSCOhost online platform.

How do I download EBSCOhost ebooks to a mobile device or e-reader?

Mobile Device

  • Ebooks can be downloaded to a mobile device using the EBSCOhost Ebook Application.
  • The app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store.
  • Check out EBSCO's Ebooks App Guide for more details on completing this process.


  • Follow the steps above to download an ebook from EBSCOhost.
  • Check out EBSCO's support page for the next steps on transferring ebooks to an e-reader.

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