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Read eBooks: Adobe Digital Editions

What is Adobe Digital Editions?

  • A free program used to read and manage ebooks and other digital content (newspapers, newsletters, magazines) 
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac. 

Why do I need Adobe Digital Editions?

  • Required by vendors to download ebooks from the library onto your computer. 
  • Organize your ebooks into a custom library. 
  • Access and read ebooks on all of your devices using Adobe Digital Editions 
  • Ensures that the Digital Rights Management remain on the ebook file to protect it from copyright infringement. 

How to download and set up Adobe Digital Editions?

  • Download the latest version it's free!  
  • Create a free Adobe ID 
    • This ID ensures that ebooks you download are assigned to your ID. 
  • Authorize your computer using your Adobe ID 
    • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. 
    • ​​Click "Help" from top menu.
    • Click "Authorize Computer". 
    • Select eBook Vendor as "Adobe ID"
    • Enter your Adobe ID and Password 
    • Select "Authorize".  
    • Please note that if you do not authorize your computer you will not be able to download ebooks from the library. You can only authorize up to 6 devices with your Adobe ID. 

Downloaded ebooks will now automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions and be stored in the "Library" 

Resources to Help with eBooks

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