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Read eBooks: Adobe Digital Editions

What is an Adobe ID?

  • An Adobe ID is a free account that lets you download DRM-Protected eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions
  • You can use one Adobe ID to download the same eBooks on up to six devices, if you've authorized each device with the same Adobe ID.
  • If you choose to authorize without an ID, ADE will enable reading of the book only on your computer. You will not be able to read it on other eReader devices or other computers (or the same computer if you re-install). If you don’t plan on moving your books to other computers (or re-installing), this approach will work for you.

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

  • DRM are digital restrictions created by the publisher to limit borrowing, viewing, printing, downloading and copying/pasting of eBook text.

Can I use Adobe Digital Editions on a public computer?

  • It is not recommended that you use Adobe Digital Editions to download eBooks on a public computer, as your ID will become permanently associated with that public computer unless you un-authorize your Adobe ID before you log off to.
  • Alternatively, read eBooks online, or download on a personal device.

How do I highlight, make notes and bookmark pages?

  • Highlight selected text and right-click to find the options.
  • When making notes, a window will pop up for you to enter notes.
  • All highlights, notes and book marks will appear in Bookmark log on the left. To view your list of highlights, click the Show/Hide Navigation panel button and then choose the Bookmark tab. With the navigation panel, you can navigate to the position where you added highlight. The Option Menu allows you to remove or rename highlights and notes.
  • Once an eBook's loan expires, you will no longer be able to access your highlights, notes and bookmarks.

What happens once an eBook loan expires?

  • eBooks will no longer open on Adobe Digital Editions once the loan period expires.
  • Expired eBooks must be manually removed from the Adobe Digital in your library.
    • Right-click the eBook and select "Remove from Library"
  • Highlights, bookmarks, and notes will no longer be available once the loan expires.

How do I use Adobe Digital Editions with a screen reader?

  • Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 and above versions are designed to work with assistive technologies on Mac and Windows.
  • Installation instructions can be found on the respective web sites (JAWS, NVDA, or Window-Eyes on Windows and VoiceOver on Mac).
  • Version 3.0 and above are designed with support for full keyboard controls, text enlargement, and support for high-contrast modes. Shortcuts are listed in the Getting Started eBook (installed automatically with the Adobe Digital Editions)

Why am I receiving an error message when opening an eBook?

  • Example error messages:
    • Error getting License. License Service Communication Problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_RETURNED
  • These messages may appear when trying to open an eBook in your library that has already expired or been returned.
  • You may also receive error messages if you have not authorized your computer. Follow the steps, outlined in the link below, to authorize your computer.

Are there any alternatives to Adobe Digital Editions?

  • Bluefire Reader is an alternative to Adobe Digital Editions. However, an Adobe ID is still required.

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