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Conduct Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research

What is the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)?

  • Intentional inquiry by post-secondary practitioners into teaching and learning in higher education. 
  • Systematic study of teaching and learning with the public dissemination of the findings of this study (McKinney, 2006, Recommended Reading #8). 
  • Intention of SoTL is to improve student learning and enhance educational quality (Poole, Simmons, Land, & Gordon  2014, Recommended Reading #9). 

How do I get started with SoTL?

  • Identify the research question for your inquiry by considering what ‘problem’ you’d like to explore.
  • Choose and align your methodology to your research question.
  • Get in touch with the Research Ethics Board to discuss whether your project requires ethics approval.
  • Share your findings with colleagues!

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