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Getting Started with Omni

How do I use filters to focus my search results using Omni?

Focus your results by using the following filters under the "Modify Your Results" left hand menu:

Sort by

Results are automatically sorted by relevance:

  • Frequency of matching words
  • A value score (query words in author, title, subject, plus date)
  • Proximity of search words to one another

If you sort by the newest date, you lose the relevance ranking.


"Peer-reviewed Journals" limits results to content that has gone through an academic peer-review process.

"Open Access" limits results to content is freely available whether or not you are logged in via Guelph's single sign-on.  It may also be peer-reviewed.

"Available in McLaughlin Library" means physical items held at U of G Library and includes books, DVDs, posters, CDs, artifacts, etc.

Resources types

Resources types are listed by frequencies and include:

  • articles
  • audiovisual
  • books and ebooks
  • book chapters
  • conference proceedings
  • data sets
  • images
  • maps
  • newspapers
  • scores
  • reference entries
  • reviews
  • technical reports
  • theses and dissertations
  • videos

Move the cursor to the left of the list and check the box to reduce your results to specific resource types.

Move the cursor to the right and click on the red check mark to exclude resource types from the results set.

Finding newspapers

Perform a new search, then click "Newspapers search" at the foot of the Resource Type listings.  This locates topical news articles within many newspapers.

Alternatively, choose "Journal Search" from the top banner, type the exact title of the newspaper, then "Search within" to retrieve topical articles within that single newspaper.

Publication date

Input a specific date range and select "Refine."


Includes Library of Congress and medical Subject headings and subject tags from article databases.

Search results can be narrowed through selection or exclusion of multiple headings.


Includes principal authors, corporations, and government agencies such as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Canadian Wildlife Service.

U of G Library location + "Where is it?" displays floor plan

Select "Available at U of G Library" to see physical items are available at U of G.

Alternatively, use "U of G Library" and "U of G Location" to see where the item is located.

The floor plan is displayed by selecting the "Where is it?" link located on physical item records.

Other partner libraries holdings are listed by selecting "Other Omni Libraries" at the bottom of the location list.

Other Omni libraries

Physical resources of the Omni partner libraries are listed here.

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