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What is a systematic review?

  • A systematic review is a type of literature review that uses explicit methods to gather, appraise, and synthesize all existing scientific literature that addresses a particular research question. 
  • A systematic review is written by a team of researchers and experts in the field.
  • Systematic reviews are a key part of evidence-based practice, because they are designed to provide practitioners with a synthesis of the best available evidence to aid in decision-making.
  • Systematic reviews are most common in the health sciences, but they are growing in popularity in other disciplines.

How do I find systematic reviews?

  • Not every topic has published systematic reviews. If you are unable to locate a systematic review on your specific topic, try broadening your search.
  • Within the database or resource you are using, look for refining options such as "systematic review." Note: this option is not always available nor consistently used.

Find systematic reviews

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Resources to help with systematic reviews

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