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Manage Your Sources

Always Check Your Citations

Citation Managers aren't perfect. Don't forget to check your citations for missing or inaccurate information. Always double-check your citations and bibliography for proper formatting.

How do I manage my sources?

  • Use citation and research management tools to organize your sources and create a personalized database of citation information. 
  • They make it easy to create bibliographies and add in-text citations to your documents in many different styles. 

How do I know which tool to use?

  • There are many tools available to help you manage your research. 
  • Try a few tools before committing to one to ensure that the citation tool will meet your needs.
  • Use the Manage Your research activity linked below to help you choose the right tool for your needs

Find Tools for Managing Your Sources

Resources to Help with Citing

Link Guide: Manage Your Sources: EnfdNote WebLink to Guide: Manage Your References: MendeleyLink to Guide: Manage Your Sources: Zotero

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