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Write a Research Proposal

Clarity and concision

  • Do you have clear subjects and verbs in every sentence?
  • Can you say what you mean in fewer words?
  • Are any sentences longer than 3 lines?
  • Do you define your key terms?


  • Do you provide a clear outline for your reader?
  • Do you use clear sub-headings to delineate sections?

Voice and style

  • Who is your intended audience?
  • Have you used too much technical language and jargon?
  • Is your writing formal and academic?
  • Have you used active voice rather than passive voice where possible?
  • Do you provide clear transitions between sections?
  • Are your sentence structures varied?
  • Are your word choices consistent?
  • Do you appear passionate about your topic?

Length and format

  • How long should your proposal be?
  • Do you need to include references and a bibliography?
  • What citation format is required?

Timeline for submission

  • What is your deadline?
  • Have you proofread for grammar and punctuation errors?
  • Have you had someone else review your drafts?
  • Have you allowed enough time to revise and incorporate feedback?

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