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Instructor Toolkit: Create a Digital Assignment

What is a Live Action Video?

Live action videos could be a video resume or pitch video or an interview. Students need to create a captivating perspective and story to grab interest and communicate clearly. It can be on any topic and uses a variety of skills from writing and research to film production.

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Suggested length: 3-6 minutes

Weighting: 20%-30% 

Best for  

  • Digital Resume 
  • Pitch 
  • Personal Reflection 
  • Interview 

Sample learning outcomes 

  • Communicates ideas and connects message to professional goals in a pitch video, 
  • Investigate and communicate experiences of first-time coop students in a filmed interviews. 

Key creative steps

  • Topic and brainstorm 
  • Storyboard/outline your ideas 
  • Pitch and feedback 
  • Finding appropriate sound effects/music 
  • Draft script/talking points 
  • Practice and feedback 
  • Revise script 
  • Learning how to use lighting and filming equipment 
  • Using iMovie or WeVideo software 
  • Publishing & Accessibility (AODA) 
  • Final submission/classroom film fest 
  • Reflection on the experience 

Support for creating a live action video

The Media Studio is located on the second floor of McLaughlin library. University of Guelph Students, Faculty, and Staff can schedule time to access equipment, reserve space, or get assistance with learning a new tool from Media Studio staff. The Media Studio consists of three spaces: 

  • Filming Studio: In this space, you can access cameras, microphones, greenscreen, lights and more.  
  • Sound Booth: Book this space to access professional equipment and a quiet space to record a podcast or the voiceover for a video. 
  • Editing Suites: Schedule a consultation to troubleshoot an issue with a digital tool or access a professional program available on the Mac workstations.  

Note: Reopening plans are still being developed. Please check the library homepage for updates. 

Resources to help with filming

Guide: Learn Video and Filming BasicsLink to Guide: Record Audio Interviews & Film Video InterviewsLink to Guide: Film a Pitch Video or Video Resume Link to Guide: Create a Whiteboard Animation Video

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