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Find Audio, Images and Videos for Remixing

Why do I need special images and recordings for my projects?

  • Whenever anyone creates anything, it is copyrighted and the creator can determine how the thing can be used and distributed. 
  • In order to avoid copyright infringement, you need to look for items that have licensing that allows for use and adaptation, usually with attribution to the creator.
  • Key terms to look for include
    • Creative Commons
    • Public Domain 
    • Royalty-free

What are Creative Commons licenses?

  • Creative Commons licenses are a way of licensing materials on the Internet so that they may be easily copied or reused by others. 
  • There are several different levels of Creative Commons (CC) licenses, each of which permits specific types of reuse. 
  • Materials that have a CC license can be copied without obtaining permission, provided you credit the creator of the work, and adhere to any conditions specified by the license.

What does it mean when something is in the Public Domain?

  • Public domain works are those in which copyright has expired or whose owners have explicitly dedicated the works to the public domain
  • Works that are in the public domain can be copied and communicated without permission.

What does royalty-free mean?

  • Some websites or library resources offer "royalty-free" photos, videos and music. 
  • Access to the content must first be purchased; however, the license granted with the purchase usually permits unlimited use of the content, within the parameters outlined in the license. 
  • Royalty-free in this case simply means that once purchased, subsequent uses of the content do not require additional royalties to be paid.

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