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Present Like a Pro

How do I give a poster presentation?

  • Presenting a poster uses many of the same skills that you’d need for a regular PowerPoint presentation.
  • Use your poster to help structure your presentation; you can follow the same format as the information on your poster.
  • Your poster is a supporting document for your verbal information. You don’t need to repeat all of the information that is on your poster.
  • For more information, watch the video Dos and Don'ts of Designing an Academic Poster.

How do I give a group presentation?

  • Presenting in a group presents unique challenges for many students.
  • Consider each group member's role in creating and delivering the presentation. Does everyone need to talk, or can some group members spend their time creating slides or completing other relevant tasks?
  • Pay special attention to transitions between people. This is especially important when group members have different presentation styles (i.e. one is very quiet and calm, and the next group member is loud and outgoing).
  • It’s also helpful to consider in advance who will answer which questions. This makes you seem more prepared on the day of the presentation.
  • Be sure to practice as a group before you present.
  • Much of the advice about individual presentations applies to group presentations.  Check out our presentation guides, videos and other resources.

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