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Find Course Reserves (ARES)

How to Use ARES Course Reserves System

  • Log in to the Ares Course Reserves system using your UG Central login ID.
  • The Main Menu displays the courses you have materials on reserve for in the current semester.
  • Click on a course to:
    • See the status and availability of items on reserve for that course
    • Add new reserve items
    • Sign up for course email notifications
    • Find instructions on how to include Ares course reserve readings in your CourseLink pages
    • View, edit, or delete individual readings, or tag them so students can find and sort them more easily
  • Using menus on the left, click on:
    • 'Create A Course List' to add a new course
    • 'Previous Course Lists' to view reserve items used in previous semesters
    • 'Clone Course Lists' to reactivate previously reserved materials
    • 'Course Proxy Users' to enable others to add course reserve items on your behalf
    • 'Switch to Student Mode' to view your course list as your students see it (Note: students only see currently available items; not items being processed)
    • Use 'Reserve Item Usage' to see which items students are using

Communicating Course Reserves

Ares allows instructors to:

  • Communicate curriculum content with students.
    • Give students an easy-to-use, customizable interface for viewing course reserve readings.
    • Automatically notify students by e-mail when Reserve items become available.
  • Communicate curriculum content with library staff.
    • View up-to-the-minute data indicating which items are being used by students
  • Communicate curriculum content with faculty.
    • Reactivate (clone) course reserves lists used in previous semesters, or create completely new ones.

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