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Find Government Publications

What are government publications?

  • Government publications are publications issued or published by executive, legislative or judicial bodies of government.
  • They include all levels of government: national, federal, state or provincial, municipal, and international bodies.

How do I find government publications?

  • Some government documents, print and electronic, can be found by searching in Omni.
  • Search by publication title or by department/agency name.
  • If Omni does not yield the most effective results for your purposes, try the search tools below.

Why do I need government publications?

  • Depending on the purpose of your research or study, government publications can provide authoritative and accurate information on a variety of subjects.
  • Examples of government publications: Census data, statistical data, reports, periodical articles, Royal Commission Reports, Parliamentary documents, legislation (bills, statutes, etc.) and legal citations.

Find government publications

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