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Find Online Music Scores

What are scores?

  • A score is a written form of a musical composition; a printed representation of musical notations.
    • Musical notations: musical language that is visually represented and aurally perceived.
  • A score’s notations often differ depending on the instrument (i.e. keys, percussion, woodwind, strings, brass).
  • Scores are written in a musical key, called a scale. Keys are classified in two ways – the major scale and the minor scale – which are comprised of various pitches.
  • Typical features of a score include: key signature, treble clef, base clef, measures, staff or staff lines, musical alphabet, and notes (types: whole, half, quarter) (accidentals: sharp, natural, flat).
  • Scores are often called sheet music.

How do I find scores?

  • To find a score, use Omni or one of the specialized score search tools listed below
  • Use a keyword search that might include composer name, instrument, genre, and/or work number.
  • When searching for a specific key (i.e. major or minor scale), avoid using their notational symbols. For example, use the word "flat" as opposed to ‘♭’, and "sharp" as opposed to ‘♯’.

Find Scores

Resources to Help with Music Research

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