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Analyze Data: R and RStudio

What is R?

  • R is a language for statistical computing and analysis
  • R provides capabilities in support of a wide range of data tasks including data manipulation, cleaning, analysis, and visualization
  • R can be used to generate descriptive statistics for data including mean, variance, range and other descriptives
  • R is able to run a wide range of inferential statistics including t-tests, ANOVAs, and regressions

What is RStudio?

  • RStudio is software that provides a number of features to make working with R easier. It gives you everything you need to do data analysis with R, all wrapped up into a single piece of software
  • RStudio includes: 
    • An interactive console for interacting with the R language and environment
    • The ability to find and install packages, extending the functionality of R
    • Search and view R help and documentation
    • Support for writing R scripts with Syntax highlighting, code completion, and interactive debugging
    • A simple way to import and view data and variables in the R environment

Where can I access R and RStudio?

Resources to help with data research

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