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Find Legal Information

What is legal information?

  • Legal information includes both primary and secondary materials.
  • Primary legal information includes statutes, cases, regulations, government bills and constitutional documents.
  • Secondary legal information includes law review articles, legal encyclopedia, legal periodicals, handbooks, treatises and loose leafs.
  • Legal information is useful to contextualize and solve legal problems, and answer questions about the law.

How do I find legal information?

  • Using Omni can provide a good place to start when doing legal research.
  • Journal articles will provide more detailed information on specific legal topics.
  • Canadian legislation at the federal, provincial and municipal level can be useful and includes bills, statutes and regulations.
  • When dealing with legislative information, you might find that some items use alternative names. These include Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), Statutes (Acts or Laws) and Regulations (Statutory Instruments or Rules or Subordinate Legislation).

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