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Create Diagrams in Google Drawings

What is Google Drawings?

Google Drawings is a free, web-based application developed by Google.  You can work individually or collaborate with other users in real-time to create a variety of images and diagrams that can be published online or downloaded in a standard format.

What types of diagrams can I create in Google Draw?

Using Google Draw, you can create:

  • diagrams
  • flowcharts
  • organizational charts
  • website wireframes
  • mind maps, concept maps

What are the pros of using Google Draw for creating diagrams?

  • Free
  • Ability to share and collaborate with other Google users.
  • Many pre-made elements are available including fonts and shapes.  You can also import your own images.
  • Drawings are downloadable in standard formats including PDF, JPEG, PNG and SVGs and easily insertable into presentations, documents and websites.
  • Operates on a drag-and-drop system: easily resize, format and customize your images.
  • Can overlap and layer objects.
  • Edit drawings in real time.
  • Cloud storage.

What are the cons of using Google Draw for creating diagrams?

  • Google Drawings is a web-based tool, therefore users have to have a strong internet connection to use.
  • Users must have a Google account
  • Not as sophisticated as non-web-based illustrator software

What are the steps for creating diagrams in Google Draw?

Follow these steps to create a diagram in Google Draw:

  1. Open Google Drive on your computer and log in to your Google account.
  2. In the top left corner, select New > More > Google Drawings.

select google drawings from the more menu

  1. Name your drawing by selecting 'untitled drawing' at the the top of the document and typing in a new file name.

type your new file name at the top

  1. Select the size of your drawing by clicking File > Page Setup > Select any option from the drop-down menu.  Create custom dimensions for your creation by selecting the 'Custom' option from the drop-down menu.

select page set up

page set up options

set your page setup dimensions

  1. Depending on the style and complexity of the diagram you're creating, you may want to use an alternative app such as Assembly to create separate elements of the image to import into Google Drawings.
  2. Import media outside of Google Drawings: Select Insert > Image > Upload from computer OR Select Insert > Image > Search the web

press insert to upload an image

  1. Insert pre-made elements: Select Insert > Text box, table, shape, chart, line, word art, special characters, diagram, etc.

insert an image from the dropdown menu

  1. Change the size and colour of your elements: Select the shape, line or text box you want to change and use the toolbar options at the top of the canvas.
  2. Rotate, resize, and change the colour by using the blue box and dots that appear around the selection, and by using the toolbar options at the top of the canvas.

toolbar options in google drawings

  1. Move elements of your image: Select elements >  Drag and drop to a new location on the canvas.

move elements around on the page

  1. Download your file: Select File > Download as > Choose PDF, JPEG or PNG format.  PNG is recommended for the highest quality image.

download your final image

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