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Create A Digital Story

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital stories are typically videos that combine audio, images, and videos clips to tell a story.

Digital stories can be used to:

  • explain a concept,
  • reflect on a personal experience,
  • retell a historical event, or
  • make an argument.

We recommend digital stories be approximately two to three minutes in length.

Why create a digital story?

Creating a digital story is an engaging way to share information that requires creativity, self-direction, and experimentation with new technologies.

What are the steps for creating a digital story?

Step 1

Determine the purpose of your digital story.

Step 2

Draft the script and storyboard for your digital story.

Scripting and storyboarding will help you plain out both the narrative and the visuals for your video, making the production phase more seamless.

See the resources below for more details on creating a script and storyboard.

Step 3

Get feedback on your script and storyboard.

It's best to do this before you start producing your video so that you go into product with a polished final script and storyboard.

Step 4

Depending on your script and storyboard, you may need to:

  • Record your voiceover
  • Gather or create images or video clips
  • Choose music and sound effects

Step 5

Organize your audio, visuals, and music in the editing tool of your choice.  We recommend using WeVideo for this step.

Resources to Help with Step 1 of Digital Storytelling

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Resources to Help with Step 2 of Digital Storytelling

Link to Guide: Create a scriptLink to Video: What is a Storyboard?Link to Guide: Create a Storyboard

Resources to Help with Step 3 of Digital Storytelling

Link: Handout: How to Give Awesome FeedbackLink: Handout: !0 Tips for Emailing your ProfessorLink: Handout: The Many Roles of TAs

Resources to Help with Step 4 of Digital Storytelling

Link to Guide: Record Audio with AudacityLink to Video: What are Creative Commons Licenses?

Resources to Help with Step 5 of Digital Storytelling

Link to Guide: Make an Animated VideoGuide: Make Your Digital Media Project AccesibleLink to Guide: Edit Video WeVideo

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