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Create Video & Audio Clips

Why make video clips?

  • Make short clips from our streaming media resources to enhance teaching and presentations. These can be used in classroom teaching, CourseLink, tutorials, presentations.
  • For assistance in creating video clips and linking them in the ARES reserve system and CouresLink, please contact the library.

How do I create clips?

  • To create clips, you will have to create a user account on the vendor's platform.
  • Not all vendors provide the functionality for making video clips and playlists, but the collections linked below have the functionality to make video clips and playlists.
  • To view clips that others have made, ensure that you are logged in from off-campus.

Help: Create video clips + playlists

Help: Create audio clips + playlists

Canadian content

International & interdisciplinary content

Science content

Arts & humanities content

Feature films & hollywood

Audio content

Resources to help with research

Guide: Find Video CollectionsGuide: Find AudioGuide: Find audio and images for remixing

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