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Control Procrastination

What tools can I use to help me control procrastination?

Can procrastination really be controlled?

Yes! But it takes time, effort, and self-awareness.

The questions in the Guide “Understanding Procrastination” provide a framework for analyzing and coming to grips with the underpinnings of your particular procrastination habit.

Browse the other Guides in this series for advice on how to get started, and for band-aid solutions you can try to get your procrastination habits under control. 

You can also book a free appointment for individual assistance, tailored to your needs.

What is the best strategy for controlling procrastination?

One of the most common traps people fall into with procrastination is to do some other activity that makes them feel as though they're being productive. When you have important work waiting, you can easily rationalize that the fridge just has to be cleaned. 

However, doing any other task when the important work is waiting is procrastinating.  An effective strategy is to stop yourself from becoming engaged in something else. 

  • Sit at your desk, be perfectly still, and do absolutely nothing. 
  • Stay there doing nothing until you find the motivation to begin working on the important task.
  • By making your procrastination painfully evident, you'll be much more likely to get down to work than if you do something else.

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