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Write a Blog Post

What is a blog post?

A blog (or weblog) is a regularly updated website run by individuals, groups, or organizations. Blogs tend to be written in an informal style and tend to be conversational in tone and scope.

Blogs and blog posts are as unique as their authors and can cover an enormous breadth of topics. They can be used as a place for personal writing, or they can be used as a way for professors to test your ability to think critically.

Check with your professor about any specific guidelines if you are writing a blog as a course assignment.

What is the purpose of a blog post?

The purpose of a blog post is to convey an idea, present an opinion, offer a review, or provide information about a topic or a personal interest. Blogs tend to be context-specific and can cover topics from cat breeds, to cooking, to politics, to how to succeed academically.

What should an academic blog post include?

An academic blog should do one or more of the following:

  • Provide a brief overview of your selected event or issue to give your reader context
  • Raise a key question and/or present a clear argument
  • Offer a critical analysis about your topic of interest, including relationships between selected articles and course material
  • Present your own personal opinion and thoughts on the topic

What should a personal blog post include?

For personal blogs, consider doing the following:

  • Adding relevant visuals to break up text and to make your post more visually appealing
  • Connecting your blog to social media to reach a wider audience
  • Interacting with readers via comments

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