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Activity: Film Editing

How do I upload my video to YouTube?

  • Go to and click upload. You will be instructed to create an account online.
  • Once you are logged into Youtube, you will be able to upload a video.

 Upload videos to YouTube from your computer web browser

  1. Sign into your YouTube account.
  2. Click on Upload at the top of the page.
  3. Before you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings.
  4. Select the video you'd like to upload from your computer. You can also create a video slideshow or import a video from Google Photos.
  5. As the video is uploading you can edit both the basic information and the advanced settings of the video, and decide if you want to notify subscribers (if you uncheck this option no communication will be shared with your subscribers).
  6. Click Publish to finish uploading a public video to YouTube. If you set the video privacy setting to Private or Unlisted, just click Done to finish the upload or click Share to privately share your video.
  7. If you haven’t clicked Publish, your video won’t be viewable by other people. You can always publish your video at a later time in your Video Manager.

Once you have completed your video, please put you name and video link on the document below:

Resources to Help with Research in Media

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