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Create an Animated Video Using PowToon

What can I use an animated video for?

  • Promote something 
  • Describe a procedure / process
  • Define a concept
  • Present facts
  • Provide an overview
  • And more!

How do I get started?

  • Identify the goal of your video before you begin
  • Identify your audience (this will influence the language, images and music you use)
  • Create a storyboard and script before you begin
  • Shorter is better
  • Don't overload users with content / information
  • Rehearse before you record your audio
  • MP4 is a widely accepted format for video

Steps for Creating an Animated Video

  1. Review your assignment.
    • How long is your video supposed to be? Typically an engaging video should be between 1 - 5 minutes.
  2. Brainstorm
    • What is the goal of your video?
  3. Create a script and storyboard.
    • How will you open?
    • How will you close?
    • What visuals will you use?
  4. Gather your equipment.
    • How will you record audio?
      • Good: Mobile phone or tablet
      • Better: Portable digital recorder
      • Best: USB microphone
    • What tool will you use for your animated video?
      • We recommend PowToon
  5. Record an audio file
    • Practice your script
    • Don't be afraid to re-record sections
  6. Post production
    • Remove background noise
    • Ensure vocal volumes are even
    • Collage together segments, music and sound effects
  7. Export as MP3
  8. Import Audio into animation software
  9. Create animations that align with the audio
  10. Review video to assure that content and audio flow
  11. Upload video to YouTube or other sharing tool 

Find Sound Effects and Music

Be careful about copyright. Be sure to check what type of attribution is required for use.

Try to include both verbal and written (in the description of the video).

Example: This video uses these sounds from [site name]:
sound1 by user1
sound2, sound3 by user2

Resources to Help with Creating an Animated Video

Link to Guide: Make an Animated VideoLink to Guide: Record Audio with AudacityLink to Guide: Find audio and images for remixing

Resources to Help with Scripting

Link to Guide: Create a scriptGuide: Write Clearly: StyleLink to Guide: Create a Storyboard

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