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Manage Your Sources: Mendeley

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What is Mendeley?

  • A free bibliographic management tool that collects, stores and organizes citations you've found to journal articles, books, web sites and other sources. 
  • A tool that will automatically format your citations as you write.
  • A desktop app, a mobile app, and a web app.

What can Mendeley do?

  • Sync references seamlessly across devices.
  • Import references using a browser plugin.
  • Add and organize sources while you research.
  • Import and organize PDFs from your computer.
  • Read citation information from webpages and PDFs.
  • Read and annotate your PDFs.
  • Store 2GB of attachments (ie. PDFs) in the cloud.
  • Insert formatted citations into your writing by installing a Mendeley plugin in your word processor.
  • Help you to share references and collaborate online with colleagues who also use Mendeley.
  • Show you articles used by other researchers in your field using built-in social networking tools.
  • Allow you to create your own custom bibliographic style.

How do I get started?

  • Visit the Mendeley website
    1. Create a free account
    2. Download Mendeley Desktop
    3. Once Mendeley Desktop is installed and open, click on the Tools menu and select "Install MS Word Plugin" 
    4. In Mendeley Desktop, click on the Tools menu and select "Install Web Importer"

Always Check Your Citations

Citation managers don't always format citations perfectly. Remember to check your citations for missing or inaccurate information and formatting.

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