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What is company information?

  • Company information ranges from basic to more in-depth information gathered to understand a company.
  • Company information might include:
    • Mission statements
    • Press releases
    • Annual reports 
    • addresses
    • Executive information
    • Financial information
    • Business history
    • Analyst reports 
    • SWOT analyses 
    • Current performance
    • Relationships with government bodies and individuals
    • Activities in the communities in with which companies are affiliated

Why do I need company information?

  • Helpful in understanding a company's business history and current performance
  • Gather information about products, problems and other marketing research
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis or determine a company’s level of competitiveness
  • Analyze a company’s activities and impact on society more broadly

How do I find company information?

  • It's typically easier to find large, public companies from Canada or the US. 
  • It can be difficult to find information on small, private companies. Private companies are not required to report financial and company information to the public.
  • Company websites can be a great source of information. Keep in mind though that this can often represent a biased perspective. It is highly advisable that using a company’s website be supplemented with other outside sources.

Tools to find company information

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