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Find Business Cases

What are Business Cases?

Business cases contain case studies – real or fictious – that present typical problems facing the business world. They are designed to help students strengthen their critical decision-making skills and gain exposure to real-work challenges they may face in their careers. They vary in their subject focus, their length, and their levels of complexity.

Most business cases include pedagogical supports to help instructors integrate cases into their teaching. Business cases can include:

  • learning objectives
  • suggested discussion questions
  • lecture notes
  • teaching slides may accompany business cases

How Do I Find Business Cases?

You can find business cases in a variety of different resources. The library has access to books, journals, and other collections that contain cases. There are also a number of free and open sources for case studies.

When you’re searching in Omni, use keywords such as “business cases” or “business case studies” in your search.

Remember: other disciplines also use case studies, so it is important to filter out clinical case studies, legal cases, and other non-business fields. If you are looking for cases that are a part of a specific discipline, use additional keywords (i.e., “accounting”, “human resources”, etc.) to narrow your search.

Consulting resources such as the ones listed below will be a good starting point for your search, since they all focus on business cases specifically.

Top Picks

Discipline-Specific Case Studies

Cross-Discipline Case Studies

Supplemental Materials

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