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Create a Digital Design with Canva

Using Canva for Videos

With Canva, you can make high-quality videos without being a professional video editor. Canva allows you to create videos just like you would create a power point presentation, using their extensive library of ready-made templates, or starting from scratch. Upload your own media, or use Canva's library of stock images, videos, elements and music to create a professional-looking video.


  • Build a video like a PowerPoint project
  • Huge royalty-free image and video library
  • Download as MP4 or gif with no watermark
  • Shareable with others to view/edit
  • Easy to mix multiple media forms on one slide


  • Some tools are only for paid customers
  • If you have accidentally included premium content in your project, it is hard to locate it in your slides if you want to remove it 
  • No audio trimming options 
  • By default you are limited to working in 16:9 at HD quality (1920x1080 pixels)

Getting Started

On the Canva homepage, you can locate the video creation options by selecting ‘Features’ from the top menu bar, and selecting ‘Videos’ under the ‘Explore’ heading. Click on “Make a Video” to get started. 

select "features" from the top menu then "video"

Select "Make a video"

Another way to locate the video creation options is to simply find and select “Video” in the recommended design options on the homepage. You will be able to browse different video creation options and choose one to get started with. 

Select "video" on homepage to view video options

In the video creation window, the sidebar on the left will take you through all the steps you need to create a video. The rest of the page is dedicated to previewing your creation. 

Blank video screen

Getting started with a Template

To get started with a template, select the template option from the left sidebar. They are broken down by category (ie. Education, explainer, intro/outro, etc.). To narrow down your choices, use the search field at the top of the sidebar to look for keywords. The ‘Filters’ button allows you to focus on a range of colours and supported language, and it also allows you to specify if you are looking for free or pro templates.

click 'templates' to view the template options in the left sidebar

set template filters

Getting started with a Blank Edit

You can create a video from scratch just like you would create a power point. Add more video slides by clicking the “+” at the bottom of your screen. You also have the ability to control the length of each video slide, from 0.1 to 30 seconds in half-second intervals, by clicking on the timer icon above your slides. Reordering slides is a simple matter or dragging their thumbnail left or right along the timeline.

Select the clock icon to edit the timing of a video slide

If you would like to use the royalty free images or videos available through Canva, select the “Photos” or “Videos” tabs and use the search bar to specify what you are looking for. “Background” is where you’ll find hundreds of wallpaper-like images. “Elements” is essentially a selection of hundreds of different clip arts, some of which are animated with movement. The way you add any of these features is exactly the same: click on one to select it, and it appears on your selected slide. I can be repositioned by dragging and dropping it, and resized, by dragging its corner handles.


Clicking on a background option will automatically make it the background of your selected video slide. 

select a background from the side bar

You have the option to apply different effects to your background image as well. Click on “effects” to view options like Duotone, Pixelate, BadTV, etc. Premium features (only available with a paid account) will be marked with a gold crown icon.

Choose "effects" to browse effect options

To make a video your background, simply select the video you want and it will appear on your video slide. Right click the image and select “replace background” to make the video your slide background. 

Right click on the video and select "replace video background" in the pop up menu

Your slide timing will now be the same length as the video you chose, but you can decrease this timing and select the portion of the clip you would like to show using the slider that appears above your video. 

Adjust video slide timing using the slider above your slide

Mixing Media on Slides

You can add a variety of videos, images, and other elements to one video slide to create a mutli-media effect. Simply select the elements you want on your video slide and drag them around the slide to reposition. You can also select which portion of a video you want to show on a slide by clicking on it once and using the slider that appears in the menu above. 
Drag media onto your slide to add videos and photos

In a template, you can replace any image or video with a different one by selecting your new media and dragging it on top of the media you want to replace.

Drag a new video into your template to replace existing media
When you select a video on your slide, you are presented with video options for editing. The tools include applying transparency to an object, filters, colour adjustments, crop, and flip.

Video editing tools appear above the slide when you click on your video

Canva uses the concept of layering so objects can be placed in front of and behind others. Clicking on the ‘Position’ tool allows you to decide how objects appear on your slide. 

Clicking on the ‘Position’ tool allows you to decide how objects appear on your slide

The volume tool allows you to adjust the volume of a selected video. This means if you have more than one video on your slide, you can adjust their volumes separately. 
Adjust the volume of a video on your slide using the volume tool in the top menu

Adding Text

Adding text to your slide is very straightforward. If using a template, you can alter the text by editing the one that came with your chosen template, or select other text to include from the Text sidebar. 

On a blank edit, simply select “Text” from the sidebar. You can add a basic heading and edit it with the text options that appear in the toolbar at the top of your screen, or scroll through and select one of the designed text options.
Select text from the sidebar to add to your slide

With designed text, you can change the words by double clicking the text and typing in your new text. You can also make changes to its layout by ungrouping the words. Right click on the text, and select “ungroup” to freely move around the text elements. 
Right click on your text nd select 'ungroup' to separate letters

When your text is ungrouped you can move words independently from each other

Animate Slides

The Animate section is used to provide some motion to the elements on your slide and determines how they appear on the screen. Six are available for free, the other eight are part of the premium package. You can choose to apply the same animation to all your slides by selecting the “apply to all pages” option. 

Select animate to view animate options

select "apply to all pages" to animate your other slides

Adding Audio

In the “music” tab on the sidebar, Canva has a variety of free background music that you can choose from. You can use the search bar to look for music related to certain keywords. 
Select "music" from the sidebar to browse audio options

You also have the option to upload your own audio using the “Upload” tab. You can use this to upload your own music tracks or voiceovers.

Use the "upload" tab to upload a voiceover or your own music

The background music is applied to your entire project. If your video is longer than the music itself, it will loop, fading when the project reaches its end. If your video is shorter than the music, you can select which portion of the music you want to use by clicking on your chosen track (which appears right underneath your slide) and clicking on the section of the track you want to play in the track bar above your slide. Use the volume icon to the right of the track bar to adjust the sound. 

The background music track will appear above your slide for you to adjust and edit

Finishing your Video

Before exporting your video, be sure you have given it a name. In your toolbar at the top of your window, click on the title box next to the “Share” button. You can type the name of your video in this box.

A box that says "untitled design" will appear in the menu at the top of the window

Design is renamed to "demo"

You can preview your video by selecting the preview button to the right of the “share” button. It should be marked by a play button icon and a time indicating the length of your video.

Click on the play button icon to preview your video

Preview video screen

Exporting Your Video

You have the option to share or download your video. The “share” option allows you to share your video on Canva itself, which allows for others to view and/or edit it. Click on “share” and type in the emails of those you would like to share your video with. You can also set the permissions you want others to have (with a free account, you can allow others to view or edit your video).

select your sharing options

You can also copy the shareable link here and share your video by sending this link to those you would like to view/edit. 

Select "copy link" to send to others

Select “Download Video” to export your video as an MP4. You can select which slides you would like to include in your final video if you do not want to download the entire video.

Select "download video" to select video options

If you have created a short video, you also have the option to download it as a gif (a short video without sound). 

Download a video as a gif

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