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Edit Video: WeVideo

How do I start a new project?

Make sure that you are using WeVideo in Google Chrome (best) or Firefox (fair). WeVideo is not compatible with Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

After getting access to WeVideo and creating an account, go to your Dashboard to start a new project.

Option 1: Create a new edit

  1. Click "Blank edt"
  2. Select where you want to save your project.
  3. Click "Start Editing" 
  4. You can choose to modify a template, but this may be more confusing to start with. 

Option 2: Choose to modify a template

  1. Click on the template you'd like to edit
  2. NOTE: As a first step to learning WeVideo, editing a template may be a little overwhelming. We recommend starting with a blank project. 

How do I upload and add my own media content?

  1. Click on the folder icon on the main video menu. 
  2. Then click on the import icon in the middle of the page. 

Screenshot of WeVideo platform highlighting the folders tab

  1. You can drag and drop files into the new window that appears or click "Browse to Select"  
  2. All the media that you upload will be stored here. 

How do I edit my video clip?

  1. Click on the video clip you have imported and it will appear in the viewing window to the right.
  2. You can:
    • Edit out the beginning or end of your footage by dragging the arrows and either end.

Screenshot of WeVideo clip editing, drawing attention to the arrows that can move to trim footage from the beginning or end of your clip.

  • Grab your clip and drag it into your timeline. 
  • Move the blue marker to the point where you would like to cut your clip and click on the scissor icon.
  • Once cut, you can delete sections of the footage by clicking on the clip to select and then clicking delete, or move around the order of the clips by dragging and dropping to different points on the timeline. 

Screenshot of the blue cursor marking where to cut the clip.

How do I add stock images, video and audio?

  1. Click on the Star icon on the main menu across the top. 
  2. Type a search for the topic or theme you are looking for and browse the results. 
  3. Select the item you would like and drag and drop into the timeline below.  
  4. Edit and cut the clip the same way you do with your own footage. 

Screenshot of WeVideo platform, searching stock media and adding it to the timeline.

How do I add text?

  1. Click on the "A" icon in the main menu across the top.
  2. Scroll through the options and select your desired style.
  3. Drag and drop into the timeline. 
    1. If you would like it to be an overlay on the video, place it on the "Video 2" timeline
    2. If you want it to have a blank background, it can be inline with the rest of the footage

Screenshot of WeVideo demonstrating how to add text to the video.

How do I add transitions?

Transitions are used between clips and images to provide a smoother and more interesting look to your video. 
  1. Click on the transitions icon along to the top menu (5th in the row)
  2. Browse and select the transition you would like to use. To preview the transition, click on it and it will display in the right viewing pannel. 
  3. Drag and drop the transition into the timeline between the clips you'd like it to appear. 

Screenshot of WeVideo transition menu and highlighting what a transition looks like in the timeline

  1. If the transition box is highlighted red when you are trying to insert it into the timeline, the transition cannot go there. It must go between two clips. It will turn green if it can be placed there. You will need to create a cut first before you can place the transition. 

Screenshot displaying the red box around the transition meaning you cannot place it in that spot on the timeline

Screenshot of transition with a green box meaning that you can place it within the timeline

How do I apply the Chroma Key (or Green Screen) effect?

  1. Add your green screen footage to Video Track 2.
  2. Add your background scene to Video Track 1. Make sure you've pulled the background scene to match the length of your green screen footage. 
  3. Double click to green screen footage and click the Color Keying tab.Screenshot of the color keying tab in wevideo
  1. Enter the colour code used in the example above. 
  2. Click "Done Editing" 

How do I add my voice over?

  1. Go to the upload media star tab on the main menu across the top.
  2. Click on the green cloud with an arrow and select your file to upload.

Screenshot of the upload media tab in WeVideo

  1. Then drag and drop your audio in the the audio track on your timeline. 

Screenshot of adding audio track to the WeVideo timeline

  1. You can add additional audio tracks, like music or sound effects, by adding additional tracks. However, it is easier to blend various sounds beforehand using a tool like Audacity and then importing only one audio file into WeVideo. 

How do I add additional tracks?

You can add additional audio or video tracks.

  1. Click on the + sign above the timeline. 

Screenshot of the button to click to add a track

  1. Select the type of track you'd like to add and  give it a name and click OK

Screenshot of naming a new track in WeVideo


How do I add music to my video?

There are a lot of audio options within WeVideo.

  1. Click on the music note icon in the main menu across the top. You can add music or sound effect to your video by dragging and dropping the clips into your audio timeline. 
  2. You can add your voice over track and then add additional audio tracks to include sound effects or music. 

Screenshot of adding additional audio tracks in WeVideo

How do I add other graphics?

You can add backgrounds, overlays and frames to your video. 

  1. Select the image icon on the top menu across the top. 
  2. Scroll through and select the graphic you'd like to add to your video.
  3. Drag and drop it into your timeline. 

Screenshot of adding a graphic overlay to your video

How do I resize images?

If your image has a width and a height that is different from your screen size, you may want to resize your image so that there are no black bars showing. This can make your video look more polished and professional.

Screenshot: before and after

1. Select the clip that you want to resize in the timeline

2. Mouse over the icon with 3 lines and click the pencil icon to open the clip editor

Screenshot: Open clip editor

3. Click on the leftmost tab with the sliders icon and make sure that you're on the Transform menu. Select the Fit Frame option

Screenshot: Fit frame

4. WeVideo will automatically make your image fit the screen. Make use of the Scale slider in the Transform menu to make your image bigger or smaller.

Screenshot: Repositioning the image

How do I animate an image/add a Ken Burns effect?

1. Select the clip that you want to animate in the timeline

2. Mouse over the icon with 3 lines and click the pencil icon to open the clip editor

Screenshot: Open clip editor

3. Click on the second tab with three overlapping rectangles to open the Animation menu

Screenshot: Animation menu

4. Click on Start and adjust the position and size of the image by using the Scale slider and by clicking and dragging on the image in the preview window. This will be the first frame of your animation

Screenshot: Animation Start

5. Click on End and adjust the position and size of the image by using the Scale slider and by clicking and dragging on the image in the preview window. This will be the last frame of your animation

Screenshot: Animation End

6. Click Save Changes to save your work. WeVideo will calculate the difference between the first frame and the last frame to automatically animate the image.

Screenshot: Finished animation preview

How do I undo an action?

You can undo an action by clicking the arrow in the right hand corner.  

Screenshot of the undo button

Can I add special effects to my clips?

  1. Select the clip and click on FX to open clip effects.

Screenshot of clip with FX

  1. You can select an effect to add to the clip (all clips or just one).

Screenshot of different effects such as Sharpen, Sepia, black and white.

  1. Click Apply

How do I collaborate on a video with other editors?

Collaborative Projects is a WeVideo feature that allows multiple editors to work together on a single video project. When someone from your group is editing the project, the Collaborative Projects feature ensures that the project will automatically lock to prevent other group members from making changes to the project at the same time.

1. To create a new collaborative project, log in to WeVideo and click on the Projects tab

Screenshot: WeVideo Projects tab

2. Click on the + button in the bottom right corner of the page to Create a New Project

Screenshot: New Project Button

3. Give your project a title and a description. Select "Collaborative" and click Next

Screenshot: Collaborative Projects

4. Select your group from the list. If you signed up for a WeVideo account through your course guide as part of a class assignment, you should see your course code on the list. Click Next to continue

Screenshot: Select group

5. Select group members from the list to add to the project and click Next.

Screenshot: Select members

6. You'll have the option of importing media from your media folder to your project. This step is completely optional. Click Next to continue

7. Click Create Video to get started with your Collaborative Project

Screenshot: Create Video

Note: If you do not see the collaborate feature when you go to do this, please contact the Media Studio directly so we can make sure you're part of a group.

What is the theme option?

There is an option to choose a theme on the right hand side of the top menu. The themes come with predefined music, text style and transitions.  

  1. Click Themes 
  2. Scroll through the select the theme you would like
  3. And click "Use this theme" 

Note: If you've already started your project, and you add a theme, it will add everything on top of what you've already selected. You can make changes to the preselected media if you add a theme. 

How do I export my video?

  1. Click on the "Finish" tab at the top

  1. Confirm:
    • Video Thumbnail
    • Title
    • Quality
    • Where you want to export your video. 
  2. Click "Finish. This will take a few minutes. 

How do I download my video as an MP4?

  1. You will need to "Finish" your video first (see the export instructions above).
  2. Go to the Videos tab on the white menu along the top.
  3. Select your video, right click and select "Download"
  4. Your video will download as an MP4. 

Screenshot of the Video tab in WeVideo

How do I layer/fade images?

  1. Place your stable image in the Video 1 track. The image which you will apply fading to will go in Video 2 track, 
  2. Select the image you would like to fade
  3. click on the Fade options icon

Screenshot of the video tracks in WeVideo with the cursor on the fade options icon

  1. Once selected, a green line will appear above the image. 
  2. Add points by clicking on the green line and move them up and down to control the fading. 

Screenshot of the video track with the fade option enabled.

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