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Note to University of Guelph Communications Staff

Staff in communications roles at U of G should use the University’s secure, custom URL shortening service for marketing and communications materials. Custom short URLs begin with

Learn more about the URL shortening service from CCS. is a URL link shortener and a powerful online marketing tool used to track clicks, see site referrals and get an idea of which geographical locations most clicks are coming from.

With a free account, users have access to:

  • 50 words/month of custom back-half (words at the end of a link)
  • 1000 links/month 
  • Unlimited link clicks is best for

  • Making links suitable for twitter and other social medias
  • Identifying trends and analytics
  • Collecting media insights:
    • Gathering audience intelligence
    • Giving context to a click
  • Optimizing marketing


  • No mobile app version.
  • Some privacy concerns from past users



TinyURL is a URL shortening web service, which provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs. 

TinyURL is free for anyone to use.

TinyURL is best for

  • Making links suitable for twitter and other social medias
  • Creating email links
  • Customizing links
  • Stronger marketing


  • No analytic tracking


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