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Data Visualization - Tableau

How do I publish my visualization?

There are a few options available to publish your visualization.

Save worksheet as an image

  • In Windows, the image will be saved as a BMP file but
  • On a Mac it will be saved as a TIFF

Steps to save as an image:

  1. Click on Worksheet
  2. Click Copy
  3. Click Image

Save view as a PDF

  1. Click File
  2. Click Print to PDF

Saving as a Tableau Workbook File (TWF)

  • A *.TWF file can be shared with others and opened in Tableau or Tableau Reader.

Saving to Tableau Public Server

  • A visualization and associated data can be saved to Tableau Public Server.
  • The visualization can be seen by anyone outside of your team.
  • Be careful with this option, especially if your data has sharing restrictions.

Saving to an Organizational Tableau Server

  • A visualization to an organizational Tableau Server and can only be seen by whoever you allow.
  • The University of Guelph does not have a Tableau Server.

More information on publishing visualizations

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