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Data Visualization - Tableau

How do I load my data in Tableau?

There are several tools you can use to load your data into Tableau.

1. Built-in pivot feature in Tableau

  • It is a built-in pivoting tool that converts data with a lot of columns into data that has fewer columns and many rows. That is, it normalizes the data.
  • The downside is that it only works with Excel and CSV files. As well, it is best to use with datasets with not too many questions/variables.

2. Add-in for Microsoft Excel by Tableau

  • This free tool is another way to normalize the data. It can only be used with Excel and CSV files.
  • It is not available for the MAC.

3. Qualtrics web data connector

  • It allows you connect directly to Qualtrics survey using Tableau.

For more information on loading your data, please consult the Duke University LibGuides.

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