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Data Visualization - Tableau

What do I need to do to clean and prepare my data in Tableau?

When getting your data ready for Tableau, here are something to consider:

Remove introductory text and footers

Tableau expects only the first row in your data to contain column headers. Make sure there are no missing column headers.

Remove pre-aggregate data

Data can come pre-aggregated. That is, data can contain sums, averages, medians, etc. A common example of pre-aggregated data comes in the form of subtotals and grand totals.

Remove blank rows and columns

It is important there are no blank rows or columns in your data.

Pivot data in crosstab format

Convert data from wide to long format. Where long format is presented with one column containing all the values. The wide format contains each data values in a separate column.

More help on cleaning and preparing your data:

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