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Succeed at Exams

Create a Positive Environment

An appropriate study environment is just as important as an effective study strategy. Here are some things to think about when modifying a study space to support you: 

  • Noise 
    • If you enjoy listening to music to stay focused, consider making timed playlists that you can listen to while you study 
    • If you prefer silence, ensure you have a space away from noisy distractions, if possible. 
  • Clutter 
    • Clearing away clutter in your environment can help remove potential distractions and provide you more space for study materials, equipment, snacks, and water. 
  • Inspiration 
    • Include objects that will inspire or motivate you in your study environment. 
  • Movement 
    • Have a space to move around in between study blocks to relieve stress and keep your mind and body refreshed and active. 
  • Equipment 
    • Keep equipment that will enhance your study experience within arm’s reach such as pencils, calculators, notes, snacks, and water. 
  • Technology 
    • Ensure only the necessary technology is around you while you are studying. If you are easily distracted by your phone, set it on “Do Not Disturb” every time you study. 

Stay Healthy

It's difficult to perform at your best if you're not feeling your best.  

  • Get a good night's sleep before the exam. You will be better able to respond to difficult or challenging questions if your brain has had time to rest between studying and writing the exam. 
  • Integrate healthy practices into your daily routine. Go outside and get exercise every day. 
  • Eat well. Avoid too much caffeine before and during your exam because it can increase feelings of anxiety. Instead, drink water and eat protein-rich snacks, like nuts or yogurt. 
  • Take breaks when needed to allow yourself some balance between periods of studying. Celebrate and give yourself a break or reward when you complete a task.  

Remember that exams are a stressful time for all students. If you would like more information or support on staying health physically and mentally, contact Student Wellness Services

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