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Experiential Learning

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Current trends in experiential learning

A collection of resources detailing trending topics in experiential learning.


Developing employability skills and competencies

Intercultural awareness and global learning


A collection of resources on experiential learning opportunities within the classroom

Co-operative education


Applied research

Field courses



A collection of resources on experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Paraprofessional roles


Work-study positions



A collection of resources on the foundational concepts and theory in experiential learning.

David A. Kolb 

John Dewey

Background/history of experiential learning

A collection of resources that will provide a foundational knowledge of what experiential learning is and its benefits.

Ministry resources

A collection of resources documenting government guidelines and practices for experiential learning opportunities both provincially and nationally.

Council of Ontario Universities

Government of Ontario

Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO)

Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities

Accessibility and inclusion in experiential learning

A collection of resources giving insight into the importance of accessibility considerations in both curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities.


Inclusion from an intercultural lens

Intercultural maturity

International opportunities

A collection of resources that provide concrete information on what opportunities and information is available to support domestic students partaking in international opportunities, as well as the impact of experiential learning on international students seeking employment.

Resources to help with writing a reflection

Handout: Dive Deeper - Deep Reflection 101Guide: Study Effectively: Reading CriticallyModule: Write Online: Reflective Writing

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