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Find Data: Eikon

How Do I Search Eikon?

  1. Click on "Static Request" or "Time Series Request."
  2. On the pop-up screen, click on "Find Series." This takes you to the Eikon search.
  3. To start a search, enter a term, or click on "Explore" to narrow your search (equity or commodities, or currencies).
    • When you see a list of results, look under the symbol heading for the item’s code.
    • If an item is highlighted in the list, find information at the bottom of the box about years covered, latest value, currency, and source. 
  4. Click on the symbol code to return to the"Time Series Request" page search box and it will fill in the code.
    • If you are looking for prices, adjust the frequency, and start and end dates, then click on "Submit."
  5. The Excel page should appear and the data will load
  • Use Datatypes to look for data other than prices. For example, look for dividends or earnings or open and closing prices or shares.

How Do I Get Information for Each Individual Company in an Index?

  1. Search for an Index. Let’s look for FTSE.
  2. Start up Excel.
  3. Click on “Datastream” tab then “Time Series Request”.
  4. The Time Series Request dialog box appears, click on the “Find Series” button.
  5. Click on “Explore” in the grey toolbar at the top.
  6. Then select “Equity Indices”, find and select (select the checkbox) your index of interest.
  7. At the top right corner of the screen, click on My Selections>Return All Selections
  8. To retrieve data for each company in the index type an ‘L’ in front of the code. That is for the FTSE 100 the code will be LFTSE100. 
  9. Then select the Datatypes you want to retrieve for each company.
  10.  Submit your request and you will be presented with information on all the companies listed on the index.

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