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Read eBooks: Scholars Portal Books

What is Scholars Portal Books?

  • 600,000+ books
  • A service available to faculty and students at Canadian universities and colleges

How do I search for Scholars Portal ebooks?

  • Search Scholars Portal eBooks using the search bar in the top left corner.
  • Search for a title or use keywords.
  • Add a search field by clicking the green + (plus) symbol next to the search bar.
  • Sort by Relevance, Date Ascending/Descending or by Title.
  • You can also search by collections. "Subscribed Collections Only" is the default and will only search for titles that the library has full text access to.

How do I read Scholars Portal ebooks online?

Note that every ebook will display differently depending on how the publisher has formatted it.

  • After selecting a title, you can read ebooks online by:
    • Selecting a chapter hyperlink listed below the Table of Contents. A PDF or new page will open with this content. You may also find chapter abstracts listed here.
    • Selecting the red icon above the ebook cover; "Read this Book, Click here"
      • This option will allow you to view the entire ebook.
      • Some ebooks will have Chapter hyperlinks listed on the left side of the screen.
      • Use the blue control bars to navigate through the book. The location of these bars will change depending on the format of the ebook. They will either be along the vertical sides of the ebook, or at the bottom of the page.

How do I download Scholars Portal ebooks?

Please note that all ebooks can be viewed online, but only Canadian University Press titles can be downloaded to your device.

Before you can download you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions and create an Adobe ID. Check out the Adobe Digital Editions Library Guide for more information on setting up and using Adobe Digital Editions.;

  • A borrowable ebook will have "Borrow this E-Book" listed above the ebook cover.
    • Click "Borrow this E-Book" to download to your computer
    • Click the blue "Download your book here"
    • A file ending with ".acsm" will download.
    • When opened, this file will open automatically in Adobe Digital Editions.
    • Ebooks ;will be checked out for 3 days. They will automatically be returned, and there are no late fees

It is not recommended that you download ebooks to Adobe Digital Editions on a public computer. See our Adobe Digital Editions guide to find out more.

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