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Find Images

What are images?

  • An image is a picture that is recorded or created and stored physically or digitally.
  • Digital images have various formats (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, to name a few).

Why do I need images?

  • As a multimedia format, an image can provide support for your arguments.
  • As well, in the case of presentations, an image can encourage other’s interest in your research.

How do I find images?

  • Consider using one of the search tools listed below
  • Visit the websites of relevant art galleries and museums, which often also have searchable online collections
  • Search using a variety of keywords, including synonyms and related terms (e.g. dog, hound, terrier, animal, animals)

Find images

What else should I consider when searching for images?

  • When you are looking at free online collections of images, check for the following information: Copyright Information, License Statement, Terms and Conditions, Permissions.
    • Some sites give permission for their images to be used for educational purposes, while others require that you contact the image owner for permission.
  • Creative Commons gives people many options to determine what type of permission they want to provide. Check the license for details about how you can use the image.
  • Don’t forget to cite your image (see guide linked below)

Resources to Help with Creating Multimedia

Link to guide: Create InfographicsLink to Find Audio, Images and Videos for RemixingGuide: Make Your Digital Media Project Accesible

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