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Create a Whiteboard Animation Video

How do I edit my whiteboard video in iMovie?

  1. Import into iMovie:
    1. Whiteboard drawing footage,
    2. Edited audio recording, and
    3. Any music or sound effects you're wanting to use for your video 
  2. Organize your footage in order by dragging each scene to the iMove timeline.
  3. Delete background noise
    1. For each scene of your video on the timeline, right-click and select 'detach audio' > 'audio below' > press delete.
    2. Edit each scene individually
      1. Brighten your footage - try for more blue than yellow using the colour balance tool + 'auto'
      2. Trim your footage - try some scenes with the hand coming in and out, and others without.
      3. Add transitions between clips.
      4. Speed up your footage to match the audio speed. (detail how-to for this step)
  4. Add white screen if/where necessary (add steps)
  5. Insert a title and ending/credits slide at the beginning and end of your video to create a professional and polished look.
  6. Add in music and additional sound effects throughout the video to create additional dynamics within your video.

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