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Using Google Scholar

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Video: Connecting Google Scholar with University of Guelph Library

Video: Connecting Google Scholar with the University of Guelph Library

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What does it mean when I get an "Invalid Domain" message?

Some University of Guelph users accessing Google Scholar may encounter the following error message when entering a search:

Screenshot of Google message: Please show you're not a robot, error for site owner, invalid domain for site key, reCAPTCHA

This is a common issue with Google Scholar related to IP addresses. If you encounter this issue, it is recommended to use Google Scholar outside the proxy and associate it to the University of Guelph.

  1. From a cleared or new browser, go to Google Scholar directly from the following link (this link is not connected to your institution via proxy):
  2. Select the hamburger button on the top left of the screen and select Settings.

Google Scholar hamburger button and settings is located at the top left.

  1. New menu items will appear. Select Library Links.

Google Scholar library links settings page. Select "University og Guelph Library - Get it at Guelph" and "University of Guelph - Proquest"

  1. Enter University of Guelph in the search field and search. Check the relevant search results and select Save to save your settings.
  2. Search Google Scholar. Results from University of Guelph include a GetIT @ Guelph link on the right. Click the link to view and access the resource in Omni via the University of Guelph Library.

Google Scholar search results for early childhood education

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