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Using Google Scholar

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Video: Connecting Google Scholar with University of Guelph Library

Video: Connecting Google Scholar with the University of Guelph Library

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What is Google Scholar?

  • Google Scholar is a search engine that can find scholarly material such as peer-reviewed journal articles, books, reports, theses and dissertations.
  • Covers a wide range of disciplines.

How do I use Google Scholar?

  • Google does not share how it ranks items. Google Scholar does say: "[it] aims to sort articles the way researchers do, weighing the full text of each article, the author, the publication in which the article appears, and how often the piece has been cited in other scholarly literature."
  • We do not know everything that Google Scholar includes. This means you might not find everything on your topic here.
  • To expand your search try clicking these links: "Cited By" (works that cited this article) and "Related Articles" (articles on the same or a similar subject).
  • Try to only use first initials when searching for author names. Many articles only include the first initial of the author.
  • To search for a specific paper, put the paper's title in quotations: "Communication of Innovations; A Cross-Cultural Approach.

Why use Google Scholar?

  • Simple interface that works a lot like regular Google.
  • A great starting point for checking a citation or performing a broad search across disciplines.
  • Useful for finding conference papers and other grey literature that is not always included in regular library databases.

How do I configure Google Scholar to add University of Guelph links?

  1. Go to Google Scholar.
  2. Select the hamburger button on the top left of the screen and select Settings.

Google Scholar menu with focus on Settings.

  1. New menu items will appear. Select Library links.

Library links options page with two search results for University of Guelph.

  1. Enter University of Guelph in the search field and search. Check the relevant search results and select Save to save your settings.
  2. Search Google Scholar. Results from University of Guelph include a GetIT @ Guelph link on the right. Click the link to view and access the resource in Omni via the University of Guelph Library. 

Search result for early childhood education. The first search result contains a GetIT at Guelph link.

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