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Manage Your Sources: MS Word References

Always Check Your Citations

Citation managers don't always format citations perfectly. Remember to check your citations for missing or inaccurate information and formatting.

What is MS Word References?

  • Manually input and store references in MS Word.
  • Create citations and bibliographies in common styles, including MLA, APA and Chicago.

How do I get started?

  • Open a Word Document and click on the "References" tab.
  • You will see options for references in the "Citations & Bibliography"  section.

What are the pros of using MS Word References?

  • Simple to use.
  • Generates bibliographies automatically.
  • Lives in MS Word with no need to download or install extras.

What are the cons of using MS Word References?

  • Have to input information manually.
  • Not a lot of organization options.
  • Does not save attachments, such as PDFs or images.

Resources to Help with Citations

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