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Find Journal Metrics

What are journal metrics?

Journal metrics examine the impact level or performance of a journal by using citation analysis

Why use journal metrics?

  • To identify which journal to submit to
  • To compare journals that publish in the same discipline

Find journal citation reports

What do JCR calculations include?

  • Journal Impact Factor (JIF) - a calculation that looks at the number of citations to articles in the journal relative to the number of publications in that journal in a given year.
  • Eigenfactor Score – incorporates citation counts as well as the citation network structure.
  • Immediacy Index – the length of time it takes for articles in a journal to be cited.

What are the pros of Journal Impact Factor?

  • Widely accepted as a measure of the impact of a journal

What are the cons of Journal Impact Factor?

  • Does not indicate impact of individual publications within the journal
  • Journals with larger back files will have higher numbers
  • Cannot compare journals across different disciplines because of variations in citation practices

Resources to Help with Metrics

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